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PubliCam Streaming

Although in many cities police have access to public cameras, there are many more private cameras that could be a crucial crime fighting tool but are usually out of reach to the police. Access to real-time video feeds from these private cameras could be imperative to planning police operations and protecting officers. The main obstacle to private camera access is the issue of camera owner privacy. PubliCam Streaming addresses this hurdle with a new and innovative approach, which allows police to gain access to critical information while still allowing the camera owners to maintain control over their equipment and protect their privacy.

PubliCam is a joint public-private initiative program that encourages citizens to register their security cameras with the local police. PubliCam Streaming is a cloud-based software system that transmits video feeds from registered security cameras to police only in emergencies. At all other times video acquisition is prohibited and the owner can verify that cameras are not being accessed.

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We understand that the privacy of the private surveillance camera owners is paramount, and PubliCam employs a strict protocol to maintain it. The system allows camera owners to securely register their cameras with PubliCam and the local police. When the police receive a 911 call, the address of an incident/crime is entered into the system, and this allows PubliCam to locate cameras within a certain radius of the incident. PubliCam then acquires the video feed from cameras the officer selects. This feed is processed and sent to the application running at the police command center and/or apps running on mobile devces (in police cruisers or with the officers). The owners are alerted to the fact that the video feed is transmitted to the police and can stop it, if necessary. The video acquisition process is halted by the police once the operation is over, or after a predetermined period. As soon as access to the cameras has been terminated, the owner receives another message, with the termination timestamp. Here's how it works.


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